Reclaimed French and Belgian Brick & Terra Cotta Tile Flooring

French and Belgian reclaimed terra cotta tiles and bricks are time capsules of history and artistry.  How unique and industrious we are as human beings, a tradition stemming back to the Sumerians 600 B.C. to take clay from the ground underfoot and fire them until the wet earth becomes hardened. This hardened earth then used to create floors where families would dwell in safe heavens from mother nature herself.  This is an artistry that migrated to cultures around the globe and France and Belgium, with their savoir-faire, hand molded and high-fired the terra cotta tiles to a precision that now we have the privilege to reclaim from 150 years ago, a testament to their quality. Hand made and wood-fired over 150 years ago, French reclaimed terra cotta tiles in either a square, hexagon or parefeuille is an authentic French building material that adds authenticity and French provincial charm to a home. Reclaimed Belgian Grey Terra Cotta Tiles and Belgian grey and red bricks have the same French craftsmanship with softer color palettes. To learn more about French reclaimed terra cotta tiles, click here.    

New Reclaimed French Hexagon Terra Cotta Tile Lots Arriving Soon.  Check back often.

Farmhouse Provençal Réédition Rustique Yellow Wheat Terra Cotta Tile Hexagon - Understanding how it's becoming more difficult to source reclaimed French terra cotta tile and understanding the prized color is a golden wheat color which is extremely rare - we developed our own reclaimed réédition yellow wheat hexagon French terra cotta tile. 

French reclaimed terra cotta tile hexagons are hand made French terra cotta tiles that marry with Zellige or Zellige tiles from Morocco, decorative wall tiles, Delft tiles, reclaimed Belgian bluestone, antique French limestone flooring, antique cement tiles, French oak flooring and antique French fireplace mantels.
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