• Antique Reclaimed French Limestone Flooring Dalle de Bourgogne French Limestone from Burgundy, France

    Dalle de Bourgogne Antique French Limestone Flooring

  • French Oak Floors Aged Solid and Engineered French Oak Parquet and Wide Plank Flooring

    Aged French Solid and Engineered Parquet and Wide Plank Oak Flooring

  • Antique Belgian Bluestone Pavers

    Antique Belgian Bluestone Pavers

  • Reclaimed Belgian Grey Terra Cotta Tiles with French Encaustic Decorative Tiles

    Reclaimed Belgian Grey Terra Cotta Tiles

  • Grey Wood Floors Grey Hardwood Engineered and Solid Hardwood Oak Floors

    Kings of France Grey Wood Floors

Historic Decorative Materials, a division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. is an e-commerce site that supplies reclaimed and aged French and Belgian stone, brick and wood flooring to the fine home building market.  After 20 years in business, co-owner François Micallef born and raised in the South of France, holds court with some of the best reclaimed material suppliers in Europe. From French limestone and Belgian Bluestone pavers to French oak wide-plank flooring in solid and engineered planks, as well as reclaimed Belgian veneer bricks and French reclaimed terra cotta tiles - architects and designers choose these formidable surfaces for their exceptional building and renovation projects.  

  Antique and Aged Belgian Bluestone, Antique French Limestone, French Oak Flooring and Blue and White and Delft Decorative Tiles          

Historic Decorative Materials is an e-commerce site that is meant as a tool to purchase on-line reclaimed as well as highly crafted European surfaces. Drawing inspiration from historical reference, Emmi Micallef's original hand painted decorative tiles compliment HDM's reclaimed tile, brick, wood and stone surfaces.  Her Delft Tile Collection, featured below, is just one of four collectionswith several more to come. Sharing a partnership with it's parent company, Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc., a  by-appointment showroom is available to the trade and homeowners to view and design from Pavé's showroom's extraordinary French and Belgian tile, wood, brick and stone installations. As an artist, Emmi uses the basic rules of fine painting - color/tone, light value and the saturation scale within the materials themselves and in relation to a client's home, furniture and artwork - to achieve a beautiful balance of texture, color and light throughout the theme of the home.   To register for Trade Pricing, please click here. 

Historic Decorative Materials NEW YouTube Channel is the venue to view and experience their antique and aged tile, brick, wood and stone flooring through video. Below is one of their first video's produced showcasing the Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring in Cast Iron Grey.


Specializing in original hand painted tiles based on historic reference, click here or on the image below to view a LOOK BOOK of these historically accurate and beautiful decorative tiles partnered with antique and aged French oak flooring and Belgian Bluestone Pavers.

Vintage Wall Tile, Decorative Wall Tile, Delft Tiles, Dutch Blue Tiles, Blue and White Tiles for Kitchen Backspalsh, Fireplace Surround and Shower and Tub Surround

The Kings of France Aged French Oak Flooring is one of the most beautiful aged oak floors on the market today.  The skill of these artisans reclaiming new oak to render 18th century planks in color and texture is extraordinary.  Mixing these authentic floors with different textures like our Reclaimed Belgian Grey Bricks is breathtaking. Do you want to see a GALLERY of IMAGES of our Kings of France Aged French Oak Floors?  Click here!   

Aged French Oak Flooring Reclaimed Belgian Bricks

Click here to view a GALLERY of IMAGES of the Kings of France Aged French Oak Flooring Collection.

VIDEO! Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors - Color: Cast Iron Grey and Danish White Wash
VIDEO! Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors - Color: Cast Iron Grey and Danish White Wash

by Emmi Micallef May 23, 2017

Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors can only be compared to true reclaimed 18th Century French oak planks. With unparalleled beauty, each oak plank is aged, not by pigments or colorants, but by unique oxidation procedures working with the natural tannin of the oak.  Read more in this latest blog and...enjoy our first video, with many more to come in our Historic Decorative Materials YouTube Channel, of these wood floors that leave one breathless.

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Three Design Boards using Reclaimed Veneer Belgian Red Bricks
Three Design Boards using Reclaimed Veneer Belgian Red Bricks

by Emmi Micallef March 17, 2017

A study of reclaimed veneer Belgian Brick reveals how many different ambiances one can create thanks to the soft reds, oak and stone colors of this amazing architectural element. Using veneer bricks as a focal wall, a back splash or fireplace surround, the eye never misses the beauty of this historic material.

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Get the Look!  Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's French and Belgian Farmhouse Aesthetic in LA
Get the Look! Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's French and Belgian Farmhouse Aesthetic in LA

by Emmi Micallef February 15, 2017

Designing a home today with so much choice on the market is daunting.  In this blog, I focus on select materials that create a theme throughout the home that will help in the design process.  In love with the French and Belgian farmhouse aesthetic, hats off to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen...their home is beautiful and was ahead of design trends back in 2013.

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A Vintage Wall Tile Collection LOOK BOOK
A Vintage Wall Tile Collection LOOK BOOK

by Emmi Micallef February 09, 2017

A Look Book is a wonderful tool to get an overview of a work.  Please enjoy Historic Decorative Materials Look Book of our vintage decorative wall tile collections and become inspired by the pairings of these tiles with our antique and aged French and Belgian building materials.

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  • Black and White Italian Marble Flooring Tiles

    Reclaimed Italian Black and White Marble Flooring Tiles

French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tiles
Abandoned Homes Take my Breathe Away
Images of abandoned fine homes and châteaux ignite stories in my mind, imagining those that walked their halls and porticoes so long ago.  The patina left behind from their footprints, the laughter held in the air, the tears that they shed were their lives...perhaps just like mine...just a bit grandeur in their dwelling.  This is why reclaimed terra cotta tiles from France are dear to me.  Each tile is a story unto itself.  And I appreciate this.