Carriage House 14th Century English Encaustic Tile Collection

Geometric designs have bedazzled our eyes for centuries.  Found on fabrics, tapestries and flooring throughout history - each culture's influence on historical decorative designs makes an indelible mark on the succeeding generation's interior arts.  Not lost on the English, 14th century medieval castles and churches are a hall mark for decorative tiles - namely encaustic tiles. Floor and wall coverings laid with patterned tiles served two purposes - to cover mud floors and to show wealth. One would have to live under a rock these days to not see these designs repeated endlessly today.  Since I don't live under a rock and have always been drawn to classic encaustic tiles, I am adding my own spin of these beautiful designs to our Historic Decorative Tile Collections.  Called The Carriage House Collection - I hand painted these motifs based on 14th century English museum tiles.  The glaze color is a warm grey that works beautifully with reclaimed stone and wood flooring.  I love creating a patchwork for a backsplash or use one decorative tile and border as a repeated pattern.  Based on history, these decorative tiles are counterpoints for quiet, contemporary materials that allow for an eclectic and elegant aesthetic cherished today.

Carriage House English Encaustic Tile Collection