Carriage House 14th Century English Encaustic Wall Tile Collection

Geometric designs have bedazzled our eyes for centuries.  Found on fabrics, tapestries and flooring throughout history - each culture's influence on historical decorative designs makes an indelible mark on the succeeding generation's interior arts.  Not lost on the English, 14th century medieval castles and churches are a hall mark for decorative tiles - namely encaustic tiles. Floor and wall coverings laid with patterned tiles served two purposes - to cover mud floors and to show wealth. One sees these designs repeated endlessly today.  Emmi Micallef, being drawn to these historic and transcendent motifs, has hand painted a wall tile collection inspired by museum pieces of 14th century England.  She chose a warm grey glaze color that works beautifully with reclaimed French limestone flooring, French oak wood flooring and reclaimed French terra cotta tiles.  As a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, powder room or master bath, the geometric soft patterns heighten the artistry and historic authenticity of an interior.

Carriage House English Encaustic Decorative Wall Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash, Fireplace Surround, Powder Room for luxury and farmhouse interior design