Sample Requests and Pavé Showroom to View our Reclaimed and Aged French Limestone and Belgian Bluestone Floors, French Oak Flooring, Antique Black & White Marble Floors, Antique Cement Tile, Reclaimed French Terra Cotta Tiles and Zellige Tiles

Dear Potential Client - This is a letter to you:

Thank you for your interest in Historic Decorative Materials.  We are an e-commerce site (where lots can be sold at any time) and showroom open by-appointment.  Please click on the link or on the image below to schedule in advance a time and day for your appointment.  We accept appointments on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.


Pave Showroom to view reclaimed French oak flooring, French limestone floors, antique French limestone flooring, antique Belgian bluestone floors, Zellige tiles, Belgian bricks, Delft Tile, fireplace mantels, antique troughs

BY-APPOINTMENT SHOWROOM - make a private appointment at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom to view installations and vignettes of our materials.  We bring in the best of French, English, Italian, Belgian, Spanish and Moroccan suppliers 2 1/2 hours from NYC. 


Samples of our antiqued  stone, wood and tile: We would like to send you samples of these materials. However, we have made the decision that after almost 23 years of sending them, this material cannot be understood in cut pieces without seeing the overall effect of color and texture when installed and grouted. You will not see edge detail, color variation, texture variation and the overall effect of the material.  As well, there are many times samples will resemble many other floors and difficult to decipher.  Reclaimed Materials are sold by the lots and lots vary.  Therefore a sample of a reclaimed material will never show what your lot may be.


We understand you want to see samples in your home and compare them with your other samples - but these  samples won't show the true expression of our materials - which  include our oxidized, hand-crafted French oak flooring which is impressive when seen in installations as well as our hand-hewn and patinaed antiqued French limestone floors.

Finally, we understand your frustration and how it's not the "norm" in the interior design industry - but based on numbers alone, we have seen that samples do not sell jobs.  It can actually lead to more questions, confusion or ultimately receive material that did not fit the "sample".   In our industry, suppliers and manufacturers know one small sample will not represent the breadth of their stone and wood materials.  Therefore, the number of hours and the amount of material and labor that goes into samples - that don't communicate the expanse of what the material is - is a losing proposition for us as a company.  We hope you will study the website, the images that we personally take, the thoughtful descriptions of the products and understand our point of view.  We take much effort to make our website a working website that engenders trust and understanding of our products.  We highly suggest if this is an important job, please make an appointment to come see the material installed and grouted in our showroom.  We cannot understand how one could even choose material from a small sample for jobs of substantial square footage.

Wall Tile Samples - can be purchased individually through our e-commerce site for our Historic Decorative Tile Collections, which include our Antiqued Delft and Monet Wall Tiles.

Additional Services  

We are more than a company that offers reclaimed and aged European materials.  We are the direct importers with close ties to our French, Italian, Belgian, English, Spanish and Moroccan suppliers.  We are a husband and wife French and American run company who understands both cultures in order to be successful. 

We have built a one-of-a-kind showroom that showcases the best of European materials 2 1/2 hours from NYC. 

We are artists that craft our Historic Decorative Wall Tile Collections and our new antiqued cement tile collection, called A Catalan Farmhouse 1850 - inspired from European history.  I hand painted the wall tile collections in which we kiln-fire and hand-crackle in our Pavé facility.  For our new antiqued cement tile collection, we create a starting patina for each piece by-hand, also done in our Pavé facility.  Depending on need and the materials, we build by-hand custom wooden crates in order for a successful transport throughout the US and Canada.

Our materials marry with many interiors - from Belgian, French and Industrial Farmhouse and Mid-Century to Historic English Georgian, California Boho, English Shaker, Cottage and Country - just to name a few. 

Our e-commerce site: - is a personal creative outlet to inspire you, as well as and more importantly, to present the most accurate images of our materials.  We personally photograph the images of our materials from our showroom installations or outside when the material arrives.  Those images are a reference tool for overall color variation, texture, and ambianceThese images are more inspirational than one single sample alone.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read our position with samples.  For large projects, a showroom visit is most worth it and our e-commerce site is available 24/7 to order materials.

We look forward to working with you.

Emmi Micallef, Co-Founder
Historic Decorative Materials, a division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.