Sample Requests and Options to View and Understand our Reclaimed and Aged French Limestone and Belgian Bluestone Floors, French Oak Flooring, Antique Black & White Marble Floors, Antique Cement Tile, Reclaimed French Terra Cotta Tiles and Zellige Tiles

We understand the need for samples. The desire to see "just a small piece" that will help you compare our samples with other samples you are procuring from various companies, as well as evaluate color palette, texture and to see them in your home is an absolute need.

However, for us to be successful in communicating our products to you, as well as be a successful company, we have established that after 21 years in business, sending out small samples come with two large setbacks. 
First, we receive an enormous number of daily requests for samples.  These samples cut into our inventory and require hours of labor to produce, package and ship.  We often hear from customers that other companies ship samples.  We have shipped samples for the 21 years we've been in business.  However, time has shown that sending these small samples do not give us a ratio of success that we should expect with the time and money invested into them.  The reason is clear.  Which takes us to the second reason why we no longer ship small samples.
Second, comparing other companies' products to cut samples of our tile, wood & stone - that we painstakingly source from the best artisanal manufacturers in Europe, do not allow a thorough understanding of our materials.  As well, one cannot understand color and texture range at all with reclaimed and aged materials in this fashion.  If these materials were commercially manufactured, mass produced, and every tile or wood plank was essentially the same - we would feel more confident that small samples would represent the product.  But with our products - this is not the case.  

However, we do offer sample packages that we feel best serve you as a client and us, as a company.  We also offer a variety of other options to see and view our products down below.

WOOD SAMPLE PACKAGE - 3 planks of 1 color - 3 feet long x random length.  $250.00 that will be put toward final purchase of materials.

STONE SAMPLE PACKAGE - for in-stock stone only.

For projects 1000 SF and up, order 10 - 20 SF of stone - palletized and shipped by common carrier.  Cost of stone will be put toward final purchase of materials.  Shipping excluded.

Reclaimed Materials - Due to varying lots, texture, and color, we will do a VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom.  One will see installations of the material along with a conversation about the product.


Zellige Tile Sample Request

Moroccan Zellige tiles that are hand cut authentic zellige tiles that marry with French reclaimed oak flooring, antique Belgian bluestone, antique cement tiles, French reclaimed terra cotta tiles for Shaker interiors, Belgian Farmhouse, English Georgian and Mid-Century Modern interiors.  Zellige tiles are mosaics made in Fes, Morocco

Understanding the nature of Zellige, there will always be color variation.  Images of installed Zellige grouted boards is a better way to observe the overall color palette, the nuances of a Zellige color and how it looks within an install.  As well, the number of calls we receive on a daily basis for samples alone is daunting.  Shipping samples of Zellige cuts into our inventory and takes valuable time and money away from our company to package and ship samples.  We prefer spending that time working with our clients to help them understand the product and spending our money on inventory.  Buying Zellige from an authentic Zellige importer that values quality control is more valuable than purchasing samples of Zellige to compare with other samples of Zellige from another company. 

Options to view our Zellige Tile and Zellige Tile Sample Request

First - Our Website!  Since we specialize in historic hand made materials and have a showroom showcasing all our materials installed and grouted - of course we made gorgeous Zellige tile boards.  Our Zellige Tile Boards are photographed by us and are front and center on each Zellige tile color product page.  This means the use of our website is am amazing tool to view color and texture of all our Zellige tiles.  Each Zellige tile color is photographed close up, hand-held and also paired with specific images to communicate color and best pairing with our antiqued or aged tile, wood and stone materials.

Read The COLOR ANALYSIS of each Zellige tile color found on their respective product pages.  As an artist and designer, I wrote descriptive explanations of each color and also describe which materials of our reclaimed or aged tile, wood and stone marry with which Zellige color the best.  Finally, I comment on the various interior design styles that embrace Zellige + our Historic Decorative Materials.

Request of a Quick Video of a Zellige tile board emailed personally to you.

If purchasing a wood, stone or terra cotta floor, the 4 box minimum will be waived to purchase a 1 box minimum to view 11 SF of Zellige in your home.

Read my in-depth blog to understand how Zellige tile is made, to give a better perspective of this historically authentic hand glazed and hand cut decorative wall tile.

Why Purchase Zellige from Historic Decorative Materials

Zellige tile making is a tradition that is revered and a process that requires many skilled hands.  Importing directly from Fes, Morocco, Zellige Tiles require relationships made of trust and time.  Cultural differences need to be respected.  François understands these nuances and has established the bond necessary to bring Historic Decorative Materials our own hand cut authentic Moroccan Zellige Tile.  As a direct importer of Zellige, quality control is of the upmost importance.  Only highly skilled artisans hand craft our Zellige using the famous Moroccan Miocene gray clay following classical traditions from centuries ago, all fabricated in Fes, Morocco.

To learn about this centuries old classical skill and how Zellige is embraced by a variety of the Western European and American interior designs, click here.

Moroccan Zellige tiles that are hand cut authentic zellige tiles that marry with French reclaimed oak flooring, antique Belgian bluestone, antique cement tiles, French reclaimed terra cotta tiles for Shaker interiors, Belgian Farmhouse, English Georgian and Mid-Century Modern interiors.  Zellige tiles are mosaics made in Fes, Morocco

Thank you for your understanding.



Historic Decorative Wall Tiles for kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds.  Antique Delft tiles, blue and white decorative tiles, geometric tiles marry with antique and aged French limestone floors, antique Belgian bluestone tiles, antique cement tiles, French reclaimed terra cotta tiles, French oak flooring.  These hand made decorative wall tiles for kitchens are loved by interior designers and are embraced by Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse, English Georgian, Shaker and Traditional interior designs.

 Historic Decorative Wall Tile Collection Samples

Our Delft, Monet, Carriage House, On the Road to Florence and Gardens in the Cloister Collections can all be sampled.  All samples may be purchased individually on our e-commerce site: under their respective WALL TILE COLLECTIONS.

Additional Services 
We are more than a company that offers reclaimed and aged European materials.  We are the direct importers.  We have built a one-of-a-kind showroom that showcases the best of European materials 2 1/2 hours from NYC.  We offer a Design Service for those who are savvy, know what they want, but need guidance and advice using our materials + the client's inspiration to reach design goals. Our materials marry with many interiors - from Belgian and French Farmhouse and Mid-Century to Historic English Georgian, California Boho and English Shaker - just to name a few.  Our e-commerce site: - is a work of art created to inspire and show the most accurate images of our materials.  We personally photograph nearly all the images from our showroom installations as seen on our website.  Those images are a reference tool for overall color variation, texture, and ambiance.
Schedule a Video Conference Call to see the materials firsthand and discuss in detail color range and texture at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom

BY-APPOINTMENT SHOWROOM - make a private appointment at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom to view installations and vignettes of our materials.  We brought the best of European suppliers 2 1/2 hours from NYC.  We strictly follow CDC guidelines and recommend wearing either 2 masks or a medical grade mask during the meeting as well as follow social distancing guidelines.

Video of a Material - request a video of an installation that you are interested in seeing that we will email to you personally.
Design Service - Our design service is offered for clients who are interested in using our materials and would like a concept board to see their preferred materials that we offer + their design goals and inspirations.  
Initial Design Service - Complimentary.  

Follow-up Design Service - for those who understand what they want but need final guidance and advice from paint color, countertop and cabinetry to hardware and furniture - $150.00/hour.  

We value customer service.  We believe clients who invest their time and effort in working with us are rewarded.  Working together, a client will receive authentic and beautiful materials that achieve their vision.  Building or renovating one's home is a personal and important endeavor and we strive for your best understanding of our materials and your joy in living with them.

If you are interested in any one of these options, please send your requests to
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to working with you.