A Catalan Farmhouse 1850 - A Small Production Antiqued Cement Tile Collection

There are a lot of cement tiles on the market - mass produced and fabricated in countries far from the origin of this iconic old world building material.  At Historic Decorative Materials, we wanted to curate a cement tile collection that would represent the historic authenticity of cement tile, true to it's origin from Catalonia, Spain circa 1850.  So where did we begin?  Catalonia, Spain, of course!  Staying true to our mission at Historic Decorative Materials, we partnered with a small, exquisite atelier in Catalonia, Spain where artisans make each cement tile by hand, starting with the hand forged metal frame.  Following the centuries-long process of Spanish cement tile making, after fabricating the metal design, the artisans proceed to carefully layer in the cement colors, followed by a final weighted press.  The artisanal craft of Spanish hand made cement tiles began around 1850 in Catalonia, Spain with the desire to reproduce English encaustic tiles.  However, instead of using the English technique of firing colored glazes into clay, the Spanish artisans worked with pressing colored cement into beautifully crafted, hand made metal designs. Overtime, the cement tile floor's surface would wear and age, leaving a lovely satin patina.  At Historic Decorative Materials, we accelerate this aging process and antique each tile by hand in our Pavé facility.  The artisanal craft of our cement tile collection holds space for authentic Spanish tile making, insuring a tradition that won't be lost to mass production and consumption.  As a small production, each cement tile is a work of art touched by many artists - destined for historic homes seeking to preserve material accuracy from the highest craftsmanship.

A Catalan Farmhouse 1850 - A Small Production Antiqued Cement Tile Collection is a curated collection with four original designs from Spain 1850.  Authentic designs in an earth tone color palette of Stone, Charcoal, Parchment and Authentic Olde White (original Spanish 1850 white), quietly harmonizes with reclaimed materials, yet brings to the forefront contrast - to create beautifully historic interiors.