Antique French Limestone, Belgian Bluestone & Italian Limestone Flooring

We cherish what history has preserved, we relish paths walked before us and this is why we value rare building materials like antique French & Italian limestone floors, antique Belgian bluestone tiles and reclaimed cement tiles. From the 17th century, history has given us limestone from both Burgundy and Montpellier, France where artisans hand sewn and shaped flagstones into individual works of art.  From 17th century Belgium hails the famous Belgian bluestone where similar techniques transformed blue blocks into magnificent stone pavers. Salvaged from châteaux, fine manor homes and farmhouses, these foot-worn original patina stone floors will transform a home into a beauty of historic proportions. Reclaimed cement tiles have a unique history throughout the world and our salvaged grey cement tiles from Cairo, Egypt bring forth Egyptian craftsmanship that set precedents to art and architecture for humankind to follow. To learn more about antique French limestone, click here.  To read the latest blog about our antique Belgium bluestone, click here.  To read about the recuperation of 5000 square feet of Noir de Mazy antique Belgian bluestone, click here.

Did you know that nearly all the products shown on this website are installations in our showroom with photos taken by us? Call to make an appointment to view in one-setting the French and Belgian building materials that will define your home.