New In-Stock Lot! Catania's Volcano - Antique 18th Century Sicilian Lava Stone Flooring

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Provenance: Catania, Sicily 

FOB - West Hatfield, MA

Dimensions: Random sizes to create a large scale unrepeated mosaic pattern of squares and rectangles x approximately 1" thick

In-Stock - please call for pricing, quantity and to order (413) 247-6191

Mount Etna is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Metropolitan City of Catania.  Lava has been flowing for centuries in this region where Etna is considered the most active volcano in Italy.  Ancient Romans knew that the slow cooling and thus, solidification of the volcanic lava would transform into an incredibly resistant material which is today, called basalt.  Therefore, the lava basalt of Mount Etna above Catania has been used for millennia in the production of paving streets, squares, decoration of buildings and interior flooring.  We salvaged a beautiful lot of 18th century Sicilian lava stone flooring from the various abandoned stone farmhouses located throughout the Sicilian region - that we then sized to approximately 1" thick.  In awe of it's history, color, texture and patina, the weight of time and beauty of this stone floor knows no bounds. These are random sized, handsome pavers that have a satin patina from centuries of wear.  The traces of Sicilian stone masons artisanal hand work is very much apparent.  Their calculated hand-chiseling formed the dense lava stone into an array of beautiful sizes, that when installed, have a mosaic, unrepeated pattern - underlining this material's authenticity.  Finally, the colors are an exquisite blend of ash, sand, rust, stone gray, smoky gray, blue gray and olive.  Incredibly historic - these are 18th century antique Sicilian lava stone/basalt tiles - which carry stories as profound as the lava that created them. 

Recommended Sealer after Installation:  Akemi Stain Repellent Nano Effect 

Cleaning and Maintenance:  Vacuum, then clean with Black Soap (Savon Noir) to disinfect, maintain, protect and enhance patina.