Cucina della Nonna - Italian Farmhouse Hand Made Terra Cotta Tile Collection

It is difficult to source a terra cotta tile that has the look and feel of a reclaimed terra cotta tile.  With persistence and luck, we have found an incredible artisanal Italian terra cotta tile factory that succeeds in recreating a new terra cotta tile to look and feel authentically reclaimed.  New terra cotta tiles, even if they are hand molded and wood-fired - still have a surface texture that remains flat with straighter edges.  It is a gift from Italy that we have found this tile - where the surface texture exudes a patina that feels as if generations have walked upon it.  The edges are antiqued in a soft, historic light and the saturated colors speak of the rich clay deposits lying beneath Italian bedrock and soil.  This specific terra cotta tile is also frost/thaw proof - perfect for outdoor kitchens and pools that communicate with a kitchen or living space inside the home where one floor is desired.