l'Art de Fez Authentic Hand Cut Moroccan Zellige Tile

As the world is busy, busy, busy - time slows down when entering a factory in Fes, Morocco.  To witness the tradition of fabricating hand cut Zellige, one feels the precision in the air and the historic reverence of the craft.  The smell is distinct of earth, clay and smoke, the clay dust is underfoot, the kilns looming large, roar with an intensity of flame, that jets out underneath a dance of fire, wood shavings and finely ground olive pits.  The abundant Miocene hard, gray clay deposits in Fes have been a gift to this craft, centuries old, dating back to the 10th century.  Zellige tile making is a tradition that is revered and a process that requires many skilled hands.  Importing directly from Fes, Morocco, Zellige Tiles require relationships made of trust and time.  Cultural differences need to be respected.  François understands these nuances and has established the bond necessary to bring Historic Decorative Materials our own hand cut authentic Moroccan Zellige TileAs a direct importer of Zellige, quality control is of the upmost importance.  Only highly skilled artisans hand craft our Zellige using the famous Moroccan Miocene gray clay following classical traditions from centuries ago, all fabricated in Fes, Morocco.

To learn more about fabricating Zellige and how this centuries old hand cut and glazed terra cotta tile marries to perfection with Western European and American Interior Design, read my blog:  l'Art de Fez Authentic Hand Cut Moroccan Zellige Tile


Western European and American interior design embrace Zellige when mixed with reclaimed materials like French limestone tiles.  They both have historic authenticity yet create an unrivaled tension of contrast which = beauty.  Here our Soft Powder White Zellige Tile contrasts it's reflective properties against antique French limestone.