Antique Belgian and Spanish Limestone Farmhouse Trough Sinks and Wash Basins

The repurposing of materials is a heartbeat inside our homes of late - it helps us respect and preserve the Earth while bringing us closer to the past.  Reliving the past is not the goal - but taking from it that life needs to be lived more consciously without excess.  Aesthetically, mixing materials - old + new, smooth + rough - draws us in with contrast that is the darling to our mind's eye.  Enter the antique trough sink.  Historically, troughs were (and still are) used on farms to nourish animals with feed and water.  Antique, hand-carved limestone trough sinks have elevated this humble farm necessity into a savvy design element that can be awe-inspiring.  Trough sinks have an organic, historic aesthetic that bonds with modern décor.  The hand-carved limestone sinks, worn from weather and use, have a patina that whispers stories as you brush your teeth.  It's the astute designer/homeowner that sees these antique limestone trough sinks as the artistic element in a bathroom, powder room, kitchen, wine cellar or laundry room.  Faucet on the wall, water pouring freely into the spacious basin - water+ stone, unearthed, hand-carved centuries ago - a powerful source that will replenish you.

* All images are taken by us from our stock at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom/warehouse in West Hatfield, MA.