The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring - The Elegant Farmhouse Collection

Many people swoon when gazing upon an image of an idyllic farmhouse.  Gardens filled with growing vegetables, orchards ripe with fruit, fields of golden wheat basking in the sunshine, fresh air, blue sky, the sound of chickens in their coop, homemade strawberry pie...sigh.  As well, farmhouses represent large families, celebrations and communal farm-to-table feasts.  Farming is noble and hard work from planting to harvest and after a long day in the fields, the farmhouse is a welcoming sight.  Especially a well-maintained, beautiful farmhouse. The farmhouse is iconic and is found all over the world - however one singular theme for a farmhouse's interior is the famous farmhouse wood floor.  What's wonderful about a farmhouse wood floor is that it carries stories of these idyllic images many of us would like to feel.  In our hurried lives - to come home to warmth that embraces us while listening to the crickets on our porch, makes for soulful living.  The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring Elegant Farmhouse Collection will help begin this journey of creating an interior that holds fast to this vision of farmhouse life - with an elegant, refined aesthetic where beauty is paramount.  This French and European oak flooring collection has a smooth, brushed surface and silky, matte patina that creates a quiet, lovely and elegant wood floor.  Our woodworkers and technicians begin the 7-10 step oxidation method, with drying time in-between, to age the oak from the inside out.  The oxidation method works within the tannin of the oak planks and no reactive stains or colored oils are used in this process.  As well, like all of our Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring Collections (there are 4 in total), these hardwood planks are from sustainably managed forests, where the solid and engineered planks are PEFC Certified and the panels and patterns are FSC Certified.  With 9 colors that seem to exude a specific elegant farmhouse aesthetic from Belgium to Virginia, these inspirations can easily be surpassed to encompass a vision of one's own.

* All images are taken by us from our stock at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom/warehouse in West Hatfield, MA.

French oak flooring can recreate French reclaimed oak flooring that is salvaged from old structures.  French reclaimed oak floors are perfect for farmhouse, Belgian, French, English interiors like Shaker style interiors that interior designers love.