Noord Holland Grey-Bleu Antique Terra Cotta Tile - PA 227

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Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 8 3/4" x 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" thick

In-Stock - 155 SF

Provenance: Noord Holland, Amsterdam

Cost - $48.00/SF - SOLD

Noord Holland is where we found a crucial antique terra cotta tile lot.  Unique and rare - we reclaimed this lot, beholden to the beauty of this historic grey terra cotta tile floor.  As you and I understand, clay is usually in the warm earth tones.  French reclaimed terra cotta tiles are known for rich red, ochre and blush colors.  However, in Holland - there are times when a grey clay deposit is unearthed and when fired, the terra cotta tiles bake into these grey-bleu hues.  Hand made and high-fired in wood burning kilns, the intensity of the heat varied.  This variation of the heat source is what produced the range of antique greys - the hotter the fire, the lighter the clay.  Thus, the deeper gray bleu colors were further away from the highest intensity of heat, while the light gray, cream and stone gray colors felt temperatures over 1100 degrees Celsius.  The edge details are worn and chiseled after 150-years of wear and the surface of the clay is a matte patina - almost mimicking a stone tile if one wasn't educated on this incredibly authentic Dutch material.

Blue + Oak is the definition of a Dutch or Belgian interior.  Recreating an authentic Belgian farmhouse can be achieved with our Noord Holland Grey-Bleu Antique Terra Cotta Tile and our Antiqued French Oak Floors, the Country House Collection in Harvest Wheat.  Axel Verdvoordt would be proud! Images to the right.

Cleaning and Maintenance:  This lot will need surface cleaning after installation. Vacuum, then clean with Black Soap (Savon Noir) to disinfect, maintain, protect and enhance patina.