Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors

Royalty seems to be synonymous with the French savoir faire of all things beautiful.  As predecessors of the modern French Republic, the early modern monarchy was the Kingdom of France.  Such a title is only fitting for the most splendid and authentic aged French floors on the market.  Weaving the past into the present through art and technique of immense beauty, these Kings of France French oak floors are the anchors to your home...and all things beautiful.  

The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Collection is an aged wood floor unlike any other on the market.  The color is not arrived by stains or oils, but by an oxidation process, working with the tannin in the oak, to actually change the composition of the wood fibers. Over time, these wood floors will continue to age and become even more historic in one's home.  The regal Oak patterns, grains and knots are finessed by highly skilled wood craftsmen who have a technical prowess known to no one.  

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