Les Cent Clochers de Poitiers French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile - PA 211

$ 32.00

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Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 1" thick

In-Stock: 151 SF - FOB West Hatfield, MA   

Provenance: Poitiers West Central, France 

Cost - $35.00/SF

Uncanny how this reclaimed French terra cotta tile lot holds colors of the city in which it was salvaged.  Located on the River Clain in west-central France, it is a city of art and history that has deep historical roots from the Celts to the Romans.  Known as the "Ville aux cent clochers" - the town of 100 bells - this is an historic and picturesque city.  We salvaged this lot from a dilapidated store front that was through the centuries various establishments - two being an apothecary and une librarie - or bookstore.  A square French reclaimed terra cotta tile, the surface has a wonderfully smooth patina from the centuries of wear and the color of the terra cotta tile is a wonderful mix of stone gray, powder blush, terra cotta and sand - truly mirroring the roof top hues of Poitiers.

Recommended Sealer after Installation:  Akemi Stone Impregnation for French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile Flooring 

Cleaning and Maintenance:  This lot will need surface cleaning after installation. Vacuum, then clean with Black Soap (Savon Noir) to disinfect, maintain, protect and enhance patina.