About Historic Decorative Materials, a Division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.

Historic Decorative Materials, a division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. is an e-commerce site that supplies reclaimed and aged French, Belgian, English and Italian wood, stone and tile and cement tile to the fine home building market.  After over 20 years in business, co-owner François Micallef born and raised in the South of France, holds court with the best reclaimed material suppliers in Europe, traveling several times a year to purchase stock and meet with suppliers.  From antique French limestone and Belgian Blue stone flooring to reclaimed French oak wide-plank flooring in solid and engineered planks, French reclaimed terra cotta tiles and antique cement tiles as well as antique French limestone and marble fireplace mantels and Italian hand painted custom doors, luxury homes and farmhouse interiors will enjoy exquisite surfaces.  As an artist, Emmi Micallef hand painted a collection of Historic Decorative Tiles that authentically compliment their reclaimed building materials.  Inspired designs from 17th century Amsterdam to 19th century Rouen, France - Dutch tiles like Delft Tiles and Claude Monet's classic kitchen tiles in Giverny, France, create historic effect and work with many interior designs.

NEW COLOR WAY! 18th Century French Oak Flooring: THE QUEEN'S HAMLET + Vecchia Roma Antique 18th Century Italian Reclaimed Limestone Flooring  - The Queen's Hamlet is a French oak floor color that has achieved the status of insane.  May I say that?  It's THE perfect weathered oak colored floor that has gray undertones with warmer oak hues - it's a desaturated color where the eye is led to believe this is in fact, the oak flooring of Marie Antoinette's hamlet - centuries ago.  It's an upgraded farmhouse floor where it exudes the elegance of life in the country...fit for a queen.  Looking for a stone worthy enough to live amongst it's artisanal greatness?  That would be our Vecchia Roma Antique 18th Century Italian Reclaimed Limestone Flooring.

Antiqued French Oak Flooring is antique or reclaimed French oak floors that marries with antique French limestone flooring, antique Belgian bluestone floors and French reclaimed terra cotta tiles for historic homes and old house love.


Antique Belgian and Spanish Limestone Farmhouse Trough Sinks and Wash Basins - Trough sinks have a farmhouse aesthetic that bonds with modern décor.  The hand-carved limestone sinks, worn from weather and use, have a patina that whispers stories as you brush your teeth.  It's the astute designer/homeowner that sees these antique limestone trough sinks as the artistic element in a bathroom, powder room, kitchen, wine cellar or laundry room.  Faucet on the wall, water pouring freely into the spacious basin - water+ stone, unearthed, hand-carved centuries ago - a powerful source that will replenish you. 

Antique limestone trough sinks or antique limestone basin sinks for farmhouse interiors, wabi-sabi decor, organic antique limestone sinks marry with French reclaimed wood floors, hard wood flooring, reclaimed French terra cotta tiles, antique Belgian bluestone flooring, antique French fireplace mantels that interior designers choose for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, powder room sinks, laundry room sinks.


The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring - The Great House Collection - a reclaimed reproduction of antique French oak flooring is achieved with aged French and European oak flooring.  Working within the tannins of newly milled oak floor, our wood technicians perform a 7-10 step oxidation method to age the floor from the inside out.  Hand-finished, its' patina, rich colors and edge details are what brings the authenticity to interiors - from Cottage Style and Belgian Farmhouse to Minimalist and English Georgian. The image below is courtesy of Greg Dutton of Midland Architecture.  His family home.  Greg has installed our Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors in the Great House Series - color: Aged Cognac.

Antique French oak flooring was the goal for Greg Dutton's family home of Midland Architecture.  Our antiqued French oak flooring contributes to the authenticity of his historic interiors.


Antique Italian Checkerboard Cement Tiles + 17th Century Antiqued Delft Tiles - Rare lots of Italian antique checkerboard cement tiles will anchor a room in historic authenticity and elegance.  This lot of Bluestone Gray + Chalk Gray Italian reclaimed cement tile brings forth even more beauty when paired with our Antiqued 17th Century Delft Tiles, hand painted by co-founder of Historic Decorative Materials, Emmi Micallef.

Antique Delft tiles are hand made and hand painted glazed blue and white tiles. Delft tiles marry with antique reclaimed French limestone floors, antique cement tiles, reclaimed French oak flooring and antique Belgian bluestone floors.


Sharing a partnership with it's parent company, Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.by-appointment showroom is time worth spent.  Off I-91, heading toward Stowe, VT or Canyon Ranch, The Berkshires, Tanglewood or Smith College, the Pavé Showroom raises itself to the highest bar when presenting these antique and aged tile, wood and stone European building materials.  

As direct importers of bespoke European materials, François and crew have installed at Pavé beautiful installations and vignettes, which means clients can feel the ambiance and see the nuances, color range and edging details of these forever classic tile, wood & stone collections.  With 20 years experience in design and installation, the knowledge and effort that has gone into becoming experts directly importing and designing with these products from France, Belgium, Italy and England mean quality material + quality design. 

French Provincial 19th Century Cuisine de Monet Wall Tile Collection -Hand Painted by Co-Founder of Historic Decorative Materials, Emmi Micallef's inspired designs from Claude Monet's kitchen in Giverny, France will forever be a classic with reclaimed French terra cotta tiles and a La Cornue stove. Focusing on the the tile design arts from 14th Century England and 17th Century Amsterdam to 19th Century France, her Historic Decorative Wall Tile Collections add historic elegance to traditional, European and farmhouse interiors.

Decorative wall tiles for kitchen backspalsh, bathroom tiles, fireplace surround tiles in blue and white design tiles marry with reclaimed French limestone floors, antique Belgian bluestone flooring, antique cement tiles, French reclaimed terra cotta tiles, French oak flooring, antique Delft tiles, petite granite Belgian bluestone flooring, subway tiles that interior designers choose for interior designs from traditional to farmhouse decor, luxury decor, minialimist, mid-century modern, classic English shaker kitchens like DeVol Kitchens, Plain English Kitchens


The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring - this is an aged French oak wood floor with a vintage surface unlike any other on the market. The color is not arrived by stains or oils, but by an oxidation process working within the oak tannin that actually changes the composition of the wood fibers. This is a 7-10 step process with drying time in between each plank.  The boards are then individually worked and crafted to achieve the authenticity of an 18th century patina. The texture and finish cannot be reproduced on-site. Over time, these wood floors will continue to age and patina in one's home.  They are stunning.

French Oak Flooring for Luxury and Farmhouse Interiors that enjoy reclaimed French Oak Floors


Dutch Blue 17th Century Antiqued Delft Tiles is a collection that co-founder, Emmi Micallef hand painted to fill a void of finding lovely Delft tiles that also have an historic authenticity.  Delft Tiles tell stories of life in 17th Century Amsterdam - whether that be the flowers in a field, ships coming to port from distant lands or wooden toys beloved by the children.  Click here to read my blog: Musings on Delft Tiles and Why Delft Tiles are Making a Resurgence in Interiors.

Delft Tiles and Antique Delft Tiles are famous blue and white Delft Tiles that are hand painted with a Dutch blue glaze used to decorate kitchen  backsplash, fireplace surrounds and bathrooms  with Delft Tiles and Antique Delft tiles and Decorative Blue and White Delft Tiles and Dutch Tiles


See our latest in-stock French reclaimed hexagon terra cotta tile lots.  French reclaimed terra cotta tile hexagons are becoming more rare.  When we find lots, we bring them to stock.  We salvage these lots in the Central and Northern Regions of France like Normandy, Ile de France and Central Val de Loire.  These lots go fast - so check often to view latest stock!

French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Hexagon Tiles are French reclaimed terra cotta tiles that marry with antique and aged French limestone floors, antique Belgian bluestone flooring, reclaimed French oak floors, antique Delft tiles, Zellige tiles, subway tiles for DeVol Kitchens and Cabinetry, Farmhouse, Cottage, Shaker and Luxury interiors

Reclaimed Olde London Limestone Flooring - Salvaged in and around London, these 18th Century reclaimed English stones exemplify a classic English interior with colors ranging from mushroom and mule to charcoal, olive and cream.  They are frost/thaw resistant and an exterior landscape of this reclaimed English limestone would add elegance and incredible history to one's home.  Olde English reclaimed limestone flooring raises the bar for interior applications in old world, farmhouse or luxury decors.

Reclaimed English York Limestone Stone Tiles

The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors are extraordinary.  The colors of these aged French oak planks are not created by applying stains or oils, but by using an oxidation method that works within the tannin of the oak itself. This changes the composition of the wood fibers where color is created authentically. The resulting French oak floors appear salvaged or reclaimed and partner beautifully in the luxury home interiors and the classic, farmhouse interior design to the eclectic, minimalist decor.


Interior designers choose for their interior designs reclaimed French limestone flooring, vintage and aged French limestone floors, French reclaimed terra cotta tile hexagons and hardwood French oak flooring for luxury interiors and farmhouse interior designs.

THE PAVE TILE, WOOD & STONE, INC, SHOWROOM will transport you.  Make an appointment to see and touch installations and vignettes of our directly imported, extremely curated antique and aged French, Belgian and Italian oak and limestone flooring.

Interior designs choose for their interior designs reclaimed French limestone flooring, vintage and aged French limestone floors, French reclaimed terra cotta tile hexagons and hardwood French oak flooring for luxury interiors and farmhouse interior designs.