L'Art de Fez Authentic Hand Cut Moroccan Zellige Tile: Soft Powder White Zellige Tile $19.50/SF - Sold per Box 11 SF/$214.50/Box

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Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 1/2" thick - $19.50/SF

4 boxes minimum order will ship by truck.  1 box minimum order accepted when shipped with other stone and terra cotta orders.

In-Stock - FOB West Hatfield, MA
2 1/2 hours from NYC 

Click here for COLOR ANALYSIS of Soft Powder White Zellige Tile 

For those familiar with Zellige, for those who are not - Zellige is a remarkable hand made terra cotta tile.  Our authentic Zellige is made following centuries old techniques passed down from generation to generation.  Using the famous Moroccan Miocene gray clay and fabricated at our factory in Fes, Morocco, our l'Art de Fez Zellige Collection has beautiful color variation and a reflective thick glazed surface.  To see Zellige installed and grouted is the best way to understand overall color palette and texture.  Please enjoy our grouted boards in images to the right of this text that are also on display in our Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom.  As well, learn how Zellige marries flawlessly with Western European and American interior design when paired with antique and aged tile, wood & stone via our images to the right or in our blog: 

L'Art de Zellige and How this Classical Moroccan Art Tile from the 10th Century Marries Flawlessly with Western European and American Interior Design.

Recommended Sealer: Apply Akemi Stone Impregnation sealer following manufacturer's instructions after installation and grouting of tile.

Recommended Cleaner:  Marius Fabre Savon Noir

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