La Maison Française Antique French Stone Fireplace Mantel - Mantel Pavé 122

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Antique French stone fireplace mantels are elegant works of art that bring a warmth and ambiance to an interior decor.  History added to a space with a story behind each mantel - recall the stone mason with years honing his craft, finessing inert blocks of limestone or marble into a beautiful focal point that is all at once functional and authentic.

Reference:  Mantel Pavé 122 is a classically hand carved Louis XV style 19th century French fireplace mantel, salvaged from a fine Salon in Paris, France. French stone masons, importing blocks of bianca carrara marble from Italy, would fashion fireplace mantels from this ethereal Italian stone. This particular bianca carrrara marble French fireplace mantel is elegant, rooted in the garden of the natural world. The top and corners are gorgeous leaf scallop designs, symmetrically embraced by scroll work and vines. The curved opening of the mantel anchors to the curved legs that descend handsomely with hand carved columns and acanthus leaves. The translucency of the white marble with grey transparent veining is a perfect marriage to an 18th century antique Italian Bianca Carrara and Nero marble cabochon marble stone floor.

Fireplace: Antique French Fireplace

Style: Louis XV

Circa: 19th Century

Stone: Bianca Carrara Marble - Provenance: Italy

Provenance: Paris, France

Dimensions:  52 3/4” wide x 42” high x 15 1/4” deep