18th Century Italian Antique Black and White Marble Stone Floors

Following the conquests of Alexander the Great into the Ancient Near East, classical Greek decoration was heavily influenced by art and design of the Arabian peninsula. From simple geometries to intricate patterns of intersecting shapes called guilloche, the symmetry and beauty of these forms captured as well, ancient Rome and influenced Italian architecture and design throughout history. During this time, the nobility's demand for luxury led artisans to use white marble for sculpture, architecture and mosaic flooring for its sheer beauty. Hence, patterned Bianca Carrara and Nero black and white marble stone floors were born and reached epic design influences from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance and beyond, across Western Europe.  From Amsterdam to France, depicted in art and architecture, black and white marble stone floors were iconic of wealth and beauty. A design contrast as well that beautifully juxtaposes other materials, antique 18th century black and white marble stone floors perform the task of transmitting luxury, history and classical Greek symmetry into one's home.

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