Antiqued Grey Barr or Bar Gris French Limestone Flooring + The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors - the Great House Collection in Cèpes

Antique Grey Bar French Limestone Flooring or Antique Bar Gris French Limestone Flooring resembles our Antiqued Grey Barr French Limestone Flooring and Antiqued Bar Gris French Limestone Floors that are reclaimed French limestone floors that marry with French oak floors and reclaimed French oak flooring

What is special about being at the helm of my website and importing with François our own reclaimed and aged French limestone and French oak floors is the combinations that arise for interiors that call out for true authenticity. There has been a recent addition to our aged French limestone floors - the Antiqued Grey Barr or Bar Gris as some call it - French Limestone Floors - that marry so well with a particular French oak floor from the Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring Collection.  This French oak floor is the color Cèpes - and the synchronicity and contrast of these two wood and stone surfaces are sublime.  Wood + stone is a perfect contrast - the hallmark of beauty as seen from fine art to interiors - for the smooth horizontal planks of the wood juxtapose so well the opaque and more dense textures of the stone. The synchronicity arises with the color palette of pairing the antiqued Bar Gris French limestone floor and the Kings of France 18th Century French oak floor in Cèpes.  There is a shared color palette of brown, gray, creams and blue. Not a Belgian bluestone blue that can be overpowering in the dark tones - but a French gray blue that feels light but authentically old at the same time.  Installing these two stone + wood materials in one's home, plastering the walls in an old ivory cream color and add along an antique French fireplace and a La Cornue stove - wow - this will achieve an 18th century interior design masterpiece!