Antiqued Grey Barr/Bar Gris French Limestone Flooring

$ 35.00

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Provenance: South of France

Dimensions: 20" x Random Length x 3/4" thick and other sizes available

16-20 week lead time - please call (413) 247-6191 to place your order.

The historic accuracy of this réedition antique Grey Barr or reclaimed Bar Gris French Limestone Floor is superb.  As a prized salvaged French limestone floor from old French structures, homes and farms - this reproduction of the beloved reclaimed Bar Gris French limestone material is spot on.  Like the reclaimed antique Grey Barr French Limestone, this aged Grey Barr French limestone exudes those famous grey, blue, cream and beige tones.  What make this particular reproduction Bar Gris so special is that the stone tiles are all hand aged. No machinery is involved.  This hard work by stone masons who are experts in their field, create an incredibly historic satin patina - like the inside texture of an oyster shell.  Visually, their overall appearance appears antique in such an authentic way - that an interior with these antiqued Grey Barr French limestone floors married with reclaimed French oak flooring and an antique French fireplace would deceive the eye to believe that this interior stepped out from the 18th Century.  One particular combination that works beautifully with the Antiqued Bar Gris French Limestone Tiles is using the Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors - The Great House Collection in the color Cèpes. 

Recommended Sealer after Installation:  Akemi Stain Repellent Nano Effect for French Limestone and Belgian Bluestone Flooring 

Cleaning and Maintenance:  Vacuum, then clean with Black Soap (Savon Noir) to disinfect, maintain, protect and enhance patina. 

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