Artigianato Italiano Master Crafted Painted Italian Wood Doors: Pietra e Grigio

Provenance - Italy
Wood Species - Poplar or Fir 
Construction - Boards are joined following it's natural grain using special slots or turned nails to minimize or eliminate the use of glues.  Pre-hung and include jam, trim and hardware ready for installation. 
Bespoke Finish - Custom Hand Painted Patina from Farrow & Ball Colour Palette

Color Shown - Pietra e Grigio (Stone & Grey)

FOB - West Hatfield, MA

The Artigianato Italiano Master Crafted Painted Italian Wood Doors are works of art inspired by Italian antique doors ranging from the 17th-19th centuries.  Master Italian wood craftsmen age boards from either poplar or fir that they join following it's natural grain.  They assemble each door with special slots or turned nails to minimize or eliminate the use of glues. Artisan locksmiths embellish the hings and handles to compliment each door.  Hand painted using the Farrow & Ball Colour Palette, these craftsmen then apply aging effects using waxes or lacquers to achieve a surface patina that seems only time could create. 

To view installations and to discuss design and color palette, please make an appointment at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom.

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