The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Floors - The Olde Oak Collection: Nottinghamshire

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Color Way: Nottinghamshire - This color is a warm oak that adds a bit of richness to the authentic natural oak floor, but with more saturation and depth.
Available in: Solid, Engineered, Custom Stair Treads and Parquet de Versailles Pattern
Thickness for both Solid and Engineered: 2.2 mm
Grade: Extra Rustic
Surface Texture: Weathered and distressed surface, rounded edges, saw marks, open cracks and knots unfilled.  Due to old oak growth, expect a weathered and distressed surface texture with open cracks.  Some of the open cracks can be covered with hand-forged iron plates.

Edges: Rounded, Double Grooves on the Two Long Sides + False Tongues, End Squared.

The Olde Oak Collection is not a new oak floor aged to appear like an 18th century wood floor and it's not a salvaged reclaimed French oak floor pulled from noble homes and farmhouses across France.  This noble French oak floor is a combination of found, within certified managed forests, 100-year old fallen oak trees as the foundation planks.  This old oak growth, aged with character, knots and grain from living a century or more, and then being naturally weathered along the forest floor, becomes a reclaimed-like canvas upon which woodworkers and technicians begin the 7-10 step oxidation method, with drying time in-between, to continue to age the oak from the inside out.  The oxidation method works within the tannin of the oak planks that change the composition of the wood, providing a matte patina and colors that are intermingled within the patterns and grain of the oak floor.  There are no reactive stains or colored oils used in this process that can make wood floors appear false and inauthentic.  What remains are incredibly beautiful and authentic wood floors that exude historic accuracy for aesthetics like Shaker and Classic English interiors to Belgian Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern and Minimalist decors.

By choosing this wood, one accepts the characteristics of the oak including knots, color variations, veins and surface cracks which makes up the identity of this floor. Inspired by reclaimed wood, these floors are made with great precision using a combination of processes.  Each plank is finished by hand.  Because the color is achieved through the oxidation process working with the natural tannin of the oak, each floor will be unique with it's own identity and authentic character. The oxidation method allows for the wood to continue aging that creates even more patina over time.  NOTE: Due to the specific way these planks are sawed to reveal the most beautiful grain, planks can raise more or less tonal variations and large planks in the XL range are manufactured from rustic wood choices with filled large open knots and cracks which adds to the overall aesthetic of the floor.  They cannot be regarded as defects - but only add to the authenticity and unique qualities of these floors.