La Maison Française Antique French Stone Fireplace Mantel - Mantel Pavé 102


Antique French stone fireplace mantels are elegant works of art that bring a warmth and ambiance to an interior decor.  History added to a space with a story behind each mantel - recall the stone mason with years honing his craft, finessing inert blocks of limestone or marble into a beautiful focal point that is all at once functional and authentic.

Reference:  Mantel Pavé 102 is a 19th Century French limestone mantel with a handsome vertical fluting pattern along the hearth.  The face boasts three beautifully hand carved rosettes, the center being high relief and circular in form, where the two contrasting corner rosettes are low-relief encased in a rectangle frame. The hand worn patina is a mid light value with tonal variances of cream, white and blue blacks.  These blue blacks are colors that marry well with our Noir de Mazy reclaimed Belgian blue stone where the blue blacks of the floor and mantel are synchronized while the lighter hues stand out beautifully in contrast.

Fireplace: Antique French Fireplace

Style: Louis XVI

Circa: 19th Century

Stone: French Limestone

Provenance: France

Dimensions:  46.5" h x 64.5" w