La Maison Française Antique French Stone Fireplace Mantel - Mantel Pavé 117

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Antique French stone fireplace mantels are elegant works of art that bring a warmth and ambiance to an interior decor.  History added to a space with a story behind each mantel - recall the stone mason with years honing his craft, finessing inert blocks of limestone or marble into a beautiful focal point that is all at once functional and authentic. From luxury interiors to farmhouse décor, an antique French limestone or marble fireplace mantel will always communicate elegance and history to a room.

Reference:  Mantel Pavé 117 is an original antique 19th Century French limestone fireplace mantel from the Bourgogne region of France.  The simplicity of lines denotes a Campagnarde style fireplace, which means "from the Country".  This fireplace mantel has a robust presence with both a masculinity of form with it's angular top piece and a feminine counterpart of fine curves leading again into a strong leg.  One can imagine the roaring fires warming up a gentleman farmer's home and his family.  This fireplace pairs beautifully with either antique or aged Blonde Barr French limestone.

Fireplace: Antique French Fireplace

Style: Campagnarde

Circa: 19th Century

Stone: Bourgogne French Limestone 

Provenance: Bourgogne, France

Dimensions:  64" wide x 63” high x 33” deep