La Maison Française Antique French Stone Fireplace Mantel - Mantel Pavé 115 - SOLD


Antique French stone fireplace mantels are elegant works of art that bring a warmth and ambiance to an interior decor.  History added to a space with a story behind each mantel - recall the stone mason with years honing his craft, finessing inert blocks of limestone or marble into a beautiful focal point that is all at once functional and authentic.

Reference:  Mantel Pavé 115 is a rare Louis XV French 19th century fireplace mantel where the stone craftsman hand crafted a beautiful focal piece from a block of Italian Blue Turquin marble.  Italian blue turquin marble is extracted from the Apuan Alps, where Bianca Carrara originates as well.  This is a marble that has been exploited since Roman Times (1st century BC) where the Romans enjoyed fashioning this beautiful marble into bathtubs and floors.  In the 18th century, Blue Turquin marble was popular under the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI for commodes.  Since blue is a rare color to find naturally in nature, it was highly appreciated as well during the Directoire and Empire time periods, not only for the color in decorations but as a reference to classical antiquity.  The exquisite details of this 19th century Blue Turquin antique French marble fireplace mantel are found first on the front of the piece, where a dominate delicately carved scallop is symmetrically embraced by subordinate geometric shapes and curved scroll leaves.  The turned out legs have cascading scrolls, leaves, rosettes and columns that are a symmetrical work of art.  The color is sublime - a blue grey with a fine patina that marries perfectly to the classic oak color of our Kings of France 18th century French oak floors in the Parquet de Versailles pattern.

Fireplace: Antique French Marble Fireplace Mantel

Style: Louis XV

Circa: 19th Century

Stone: Italian Blue Turquin Marble

Provenance: Hand Carved in France

Dimensions:  56 3/4" w x 42 1/4" h