La Maison Française Antique French Stone Fireplace Mantel - Mantel Pavé 107


Antique French stone fireplace mantels are elegant works of art that bring a warmth and ambiance to an interior decor.  History added to a space with a story behind each mantel - recall the stone mason with years honing his craft, finessing inert blocks of limestone or marble into a beautiful focal point that is all at once functional and authentic.

Reference:  Mantel Pavé 107 is a 19th Century Antique French marble fireplace.  This marble is called la pierre de bourgogne from the Bourgogne region of France. The haute elegance of this antique fireplace mantel comes from the curved facade of the mantel's face, which is further enhanced by the counter relief, symmetrical fluting along it's legs. The hand carved motifs of small budding flowers at the top side corners of the mantel and a beautiful frond as the central front motif plays hommage to the natural environment.  This stately antique French marble fireplace would feel at home with the Kings of France 18th Century French Oak flooring Parquet de Versailles.

Style: Louis XV

Circa: 19th Century

Stone: French Marble called Pierre de Bourgogne

Provenance: France

Dimensions:  48.75" h x 68.75"