Carriage House 14th Century English Encaustic Tile Collection - Queen's Medallion

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ETA: 3-6 weeks - FOB West Hatfield, MA 

Size: 5 1/8" x 5 1/8" x 3/8"
Field Tile: Vintage Warm White

Decorative Glaze Color: Medieval Grey - a warm grey

Color Note: Vintage Warm White is our warmest white that marries best with our reclaimed materials - from French antiqued or aged limestone tiles and Belgian bluestone flooring to antique cement tile, French oak floors and French reclaimed terra cotta tile floors - the Vintage White compliments the reclaimed color palette best.

Archival 14th century English encaustic decorative motifs are classic geometric designs that speak of Kings and Queens from Medieval times. Brought to life through the eyes of Emmi Micallef, co-founder of Historic Decorative Materials and Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. Showroom, her original paintings are timely in today's interior design arts. Drawn to classic geometric patterns from the Medieval Ages, she felt these designs have proved their worth through centuries of design arts and are able to meld contemporary and historic aesthetics beautifully.  Adding this collection to Historic Decorative Materials allows an additional choice for those who are looking for fine art tile with authentic historic reference.  Carefully choosing a warm grey glaze for the motifs allow these designs to marry perfectly with their reclaimed wood and stone flooring.  Kiln-fired at the Pavé facility, the hand made slightly crackled field tiles come in Vintage Warm White.

Recommended Sealer: Apply Akemi Stone Impregnation sealer following manufacturer's instructions after installation and grouting of tile.

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