Triple Threat: Belgian, Holland and French Reclaimed and Aged Building Materials

Reclaimed Grey Terra Cotta Tiles, Antique French Grey Fireplace, Reclaimed Belgian Bluestone Bricks, Grey French Oak Floors

Make no mistake - your eye is not lying.  The beauty of these materials transport us.  Why?  Are they grounding to our souls?  The multitude of grey, their matte patina due to hands upon feet aging these materials over hundreds of years...Do we yearn to relive in this time period?  Was it easier?  Absolutely not.  It was simpler.  It was quieter.  We know it was real.  Artisans using what earth provided making something from nothing.  Living with these materials kept our souls grounded to our foundation of who we truly were as a human being.  We walked solid - sure footed upon the soil.

Reclaimed Belgian Bluestone Bricks - Reclaimed Grey Hand Made Terra Cotta Tile from Holland - 18th Century French Grey Fireplace - King of France Oak Flooring in Cast Iron Grey...these are Historic Decorative Materials.