Terms and Conditions/Shipping Policy/Refund Policy/Disclaimer



  • Confirmation Invoice: If you purchase on the phone with one our associates, not through the e-commerce site, we will send an invoice via email before a finalized purchase.  This email is for the client to verify and confirm the material they have chosen.  After this email verification and payment, this invoice becomes a legal binding contract as to what material will be ordered and received.
  • Inspection Upon Delivery:  Upon delivery, please inspect your tiles, wood and/or stone within 3 days for accuracy of materials ordered.  After 3 days, it will be understood between Historic Decorative Materials and the client that the order has been accepted in terms of quantity and appearance. In the unlikely event that tiles, wood, and/or stone may have been damaged during shipment, you must note on the bill of lading "damaged" or "concealed damage" before the CARRIER LEAVES. Notify Historic Decorative Materials that day.  In the event the carrier leaves before "damage" was noted, customer will be responsible for filing their own claim with carrier.  If you refuse the material and not follow policy of noting damage on bill of lading and contacting Historic Decorative Materials, you will be responsible for all freight charges.
  • Customer Acceptance:  The customer or customer's representative should inspect the tile, wood and/or stone before installation - this includes antique and aged French limestone tiles, antique and aged Belgian bluestone tiles, antique and aged Italian limestone tiles, antique or aged English limestone tiles, antique Belgian bricks, antique or aged cement tiles, reclaimed or aged French or European oak flooring, reclaimed French terra cotta tiles, all decorative wall tiles including Zellige tiles, antique fireplace mantels, antique stone sinks and custom made doors. Installation signifies acceptance and no adjustments can be made once the material has been installed. Material should be installed from all pallets or cartons to insure optimal blending of shade variation.  There are no warranties with natural products including: French Belgian reclaimed terra cotta tiles, antique and aged French limestone, antique and aged Belgian bluestone, and reclaimed and aged French and European solid and engineered oak floors.
  • Lead Time:  Orders of tile, wood and stone lead times vary. Although some items are in-stock, we do not guarantee that all products will be in stock at any one time. Please place your order as far in advance as possible to ensure that all material is available when you need it.  Please note the ETA within each product to assure receiving the material when needed.  Importing from France and Belgian, Historic Decorative Materials will not be held responsible for delay in regards to customs at ports or strikes in the US or abroad.
  • Quantities:  The Client or the client's representative (architect, builder, interior designer) is responsible for the quantities needed for each job. Historic Decorative Materials recommends you order 10% extra to use in cuts and to have on use for any future needs. Any additions or changes to the original order could delay the delivery date and may result in dye lot variation. We cannot guarantee color or shade matching from shipment to shipment.
  • Installation:  Historic Decorative Materials does not accept responsibility or liability for installation, grouting, sealing or refinishing of any product. Variations in facial dimensions and thickness will be allowed as per industry standards. Historic Decorative Materials is not responsible for improper alteration of the surface with not following recommended installation procedures including the proper cleaning and drying time of natural materials before sealers and waxes are applied.  Historic Decorative Materials is not responsible for applied sealers or grout, falling objects, misuse, abuse, exposure to extreme temperatures, using improper chemicals or compounds, non-foot traffic wear or other similar incidents.
  • Variation and Uniformity:  A few samples cannot represent the color variation and texture that is inherent in hand made tile, stone or wood material. Hand made tile, stone and wood will exhibit a wide range of tone within a given hue or color. Other inherent variations include size, thickness, and surface texture. The surface texture of hand made French reclaimed terra cotta tile and Zellige wall tiles will have variations including lime pops, rough and smooth surface textures and irregular surfacing. Hand made reclaimed terra cotta tile will age and patina with wear and these imperfections as a whole do contribute to the beauty of a hand made French reclaimed terra cotta tile floor. Wearing of color and blending with the natural color of the clay contributes to the patina of the floor where the surface will become smoother and more leather like over time. Reclaimed terra cotta tile and Zellige tiles can have extreme variations in size, thickness and color. Samples received or seen on the website will vary in color, size and thickness to a degree with the tile received on site.  Due to the natural tannins in aged and antique French and European oak flooring, expect at times wide color variation from dark to light hues from any control wood sample received as well as variations in surface texture. The process in all our aged French oak flooring is achieved through the oxidation method by working with the natural tannin of the oak.  Each floor will be unique with it's own identity and authentic character. The oxidation method will continue to age the wood over time, enriching the patina.  Since all our Kings of France 18th Century French oak floors are considered living floors, they react with oxygen in the air and may become lighter or darker overtime. For that fact, please do not place rugs on your wood floors until the oak has fully oxidized. By choosing this wood, one accepts the responsibility of these floors and their characteristics of the oak including knots, color variations, veins and surface cracks. Recommended sealers can be reapplied by professional installers. Inspired by reclaimed wood, these floors are made with great precision using a combination of processes.  Each plank is finished by hand.  There is a shared responsibility between Historic Decorative Materials and the purchaser to understand the nature of antique and aged French oak floors, French limestone floors, Belgian bluestone tiles and French reclaimed terra cotta tiles.  Samples do not represent the entire scope of any one product.  It is the clients responsibility to make best efforts to understand the product before purchasing, including viewing Historic Decorative Materials videos and reading HDM's blogs about the products and visiting the Pavé showroom to be most informed.  
  • 18th Century Antique French Oak Flooring - due to the characteristics of 18th century French reclaimed oak floors, please expect receiving a variety of textures and patina - including but not limited to watermarks, nail holes, open knots, cracks and color variations.  A sample of any lot will not define the entire nature of the floor - but be just a fraction of what one could receive.  Please refer to the NWFA (The National Wood Flooring Association) for installation guidelines on the installation of our antique and aged French oak flooring.
  • Returns on In-Stock Products ONLY - (not including stocked ANTIQUE materials of tile, wood and stone which has a no-return policy). Returns of in-stock materials will only be accepted in their original packaging.  Material that was palletized must be returned in their original pallets.  Stock items can be returned with prior written authorization within ten (10) days of receipt. All approved returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee, plus freight to and from the shipping location. We cannot accept returns on tile or stone that is in any way damaged or not in resaleable condition. Stock items must be returned in the minimum quantity sold. 
  • SPECIAL OR CUSTOM ORDER PRODUCTS, including wood, wood treads and stone and all care products, sealers and waxes are non-returnable. These orders are non-cancelable.
  • Non-stock orders purchased by Historic Decorative Materials on the customer’s behalf from independent suppliers cannot be returned and orders cannot be cancelled.
  • ANTQUE MATERIALS including all stone, wood and tile flooring, wall tile, sinks and fireplaces are non-returnable.
  • Holding Material - There is a 20% deposit to hold material for approximately 5 business days before a purchase.  The said quantity will be removed from stock from pavehdm.com E-commerce site. Holding material will mean Historic Decorative Materials, a division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc, will not be able to sell said material to another client.  If client no longer wants said material, the 20% deposit will not be refundable.
  • Storing Material after Purchase:  We do not store material after purchase.  The client has the responsibility to receive the material after it enters our warehouse within 10 working days.
  • Force Majeure:  Historic Decorative Materials shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or suspension or cancellation of performance here under due to any causes beyond its control, including but not limited to, acts of Nature or government, delays in production or shipping and delays caused by strikes or accidents.


Refund Policy and Disclaimer

Variations/Disclaimer on Natural Tile, Terra Cotta Tiles, Wood & Stone Materials

There are inherent irregularities in hand-made and natural materials. From samples to installations at the Pavé showroom, please understand that these materials are a small indication of a particular product and are for reference only. Due to the variation in the size, shape, thickness, texture and color of natural materials such as terra cotta tile, glaze tile, wood and stone flooring, individual samples as well as installations at Pavé, cannot be considered exact representations.  It is up to the client to fully understand the nature of hand made tile, terra cotta tiles, limestone stone, marble, cement tile, bricks and wood flooring and to accept these natural, artisanal materials will vary from lot-to-lot.

When viewing a final installation in our showroom or images on-line, you are viewing material (tile, wood or stone) that has been installed correctly, cleaned, sealed and if necessary grouted.  Receiving our material of tile, wood or stone will mean that these materials have not yet been installed, cleaned, sealed and if necessary grouted.  They may appear dusty or raw looking and will not appear like that images you have seen.  That is to be expected.  

The Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring Collection

1. Our wood flooring in our showroom will not be the exact color lot that one may receive from Historic Decorative Materials.  The process to achieve our reclaimed looking wood floors arrives from an oxidation method that works with the tannins of the oak planks.  Tannins will vary from lot-to-lot and that will result in colors that may be darker or lighter than the samples and installations we show in our Pavé showroom.

2. These hand-finished wood floors will continue to age/oxidize as they interact and acclimate with the air/oxygen in one's home.  We recommend that you do not place any rugs on these wood floors until they have acclimated to your interior space.



Returns will only be accepted in their original packaging.  Material that was palletized must be returned in their original pallets. Special or custom order products, including wood, wood treads and stone, cannot be returned. These orders are non-cancelable. Stock items can be returned with prior written authorization within ten (10) days of receipt. All approved returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee, plus freight to and from the shipping location. We cannot accept returns on tile or stone that is in any way damaged or not in resalable condition. Stock items must be returned in the minimum quantity sold. All care products, sealers and waxes are non-returnable.

Special or custom order products cannot be returned. These orders are non-cancelable.

Non-stock orders purchased by Historic Decorative Materials on the customer’s behalf from independent suppliers cannot be returned and orders cannot be cancelled.