Our latest Salvaged French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile Lots!

This is the reality.  It is difficult to find reclaimed French terra cotta tiles to salvage. This sublime French hand made material is becoming rare.  Therefore, we are blessed that François has one foot in his homeland, France -  and has yet again, sourced some incredible French reclaimed terra cotta tile lots.  From beautiful golden hued French reclaimed terra cotta tile hexagons to white - yes - white French reclaimed terra cotta tile squares to a gorgeous lot of antique gray French cement tile lot with darker gray cement cabochon.

Here is peak of just a few of the lots that have come in. Please check our site often - the lots are beginning to sell out.

French reclaimed terra cotta tiles, French reclaimed terra cotta tile hexagons and antique octagon cement tiles with cabochon are reclaimed terra cotta tiles materials that marry with reclaimed French oak floors, reclaimed French limestone flooring, antique Belgian bluestone, Delft tiles, Zellige tiles that interior designers love for luxury and farmhouse interiors