On the Road to Florence 16th Century Italian Decorative Tile: House of Medici

Sold Per Piece  

ETA: 3-6 weeks - FOB West Hatfield, MA

Archival 16th century Italian decorative motifs have been brought back to life through original paintings by Emmi Micallef. Simplifying form and line, the usual Renaissance flourish has been contained to a quiet elegance with a whisper of royalties past. Kiln-fired in a Florentine midnight blue glaze onto a hand made slightly crackled tile in one of two colored white tiles.

Size: 5 1/8" x 5 1/8" x 3/8"
Field Tile: Cool White or Vintage Warm White.
Decorative Glaze Color: Florentine Midnight Blue. 

CLICK HERE FOR A LOOK BOOK of all Emmi Micallef's original paintings of her Historic Decorative Tile Collections.

Recommended Sealer: Apply Akemi Stone Impregnation sealer following manufacturer's instructions after installation and grouting of tile.

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