Falling in Love with Antique Belgian Bluestone Pavers

by Emmi Micallef January 23, 2019

Antique Belgium Blue Stone Pavers

As we know to date, what has been trending in home design for some time now is the color...gray. Or grey.  Which ever way you chose to write it..there is "un vrai coup de foudre" for this color.  (A real love of this color).  Are we being delusional?  Will we look upon this time period of design history in horror like we do with the 1980's beige-on-beige?  My guess is no.  Gray, or grey has historical significance - and we can follow this color back to architectural magnificence throughout 17th century France and in Belgium. I do not believe we can do the same thing with beige.

Antique Belgium Blue Stone Kitchen Floor Installation

What chocolate is to "la patisserie" - I believe the color grey is to the art and design world. It can be reworked and finessed.  It can be a counterpoint to brighter colors or be an anchor to quiet a room.  This finally brings me to my blog about antique Belgian blue stone.  It is not called grey stone - it is called blue stone.  But the grey in the blue stone makes my heart skip a beat.  Here are the reasons.  First, it can be a clear neutral value 5 charcoal washed grey...

Antique Belgium Blue stone pavers

that could work any room into historical splendor and lightness...

Antique Belgium blue stone flooring

Or,  this magnificent stone can also exude the richest satin blue black patina -  where one nearly feels transfixed by it's beauty.

Antique Belgium Blue stone flooring

Antique Belgium blue stone can also have tonal values within the same hue, creating an ebb and flow of lights and dark -  keeping the eye afloat - as if sailing on a wide horizon of darker seas.

Antique Belgium Bluestone

The dark satin patina contrasts to wood where an antique Belgian blue stone floor without reclaimed or aged wood would be a travesty.

antique Belgium blue stone floors

And as a matte floor - walking barefoot on an antique Belgian blue stone floor would simply bring me closer to it's historical significance and authenticity.

Speaking of which...

antique Belgium blue stone floor

I believe this is a carved antique Belgian blue stone cabochon installed into a church floor in Brussels, Belgium...

antique Belgium blue stone

And this gem...dated 1747...is just proof that living with antique Belgian blue stone - a stone as regal as it is durable - will bestow an omnipresent beauty and authenticity into a home - that it will be unparalleled.

And aside from it's beauty and historical significance, due to it's durability and withstanding a freeze/thaw climate - Belgian Bluestone is for interior as well as exterior applications.  From outside paving stones, stairs and walls to inside installations on top of radiant heat - this will be a flooring that will last generations.

If you would like to view Historical Decorative Material's Antique Belgium Blue Stone Collection, click here.

Thank you for your time,

Emmi Micallef, co-owner Historical Decorative Materials, a division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.

Emmi Micallef
Emmi Micallef


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