The Great House Collection: Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring in Wide Plank Solid and Engineered: CAST IRON MAHOGANY

Provenance: France 
Please call for current stock - 413.247.6191

The Great House Collection in the Cast Iron Series uses very old oak from 100 to 150 years old. These weathered planks have lots of natural cracks, knots, nail holes and variegated patterns and grain.  Hand-cast iron plates are nailed to cover open knots following the 18th Century woodworking technique of "filling knots" as the planks remained installed in place. The color is arrived by an oxidation method that works within the tannin of the oak. This process changes the color and texture of the hardwood without any stains or oils.  It is this process, combined with the weathered old growth planks that creates the most authentic looking reclaimed oak floor.

Color Way: Color Way: Cast Iron Mahogany is a rich red/brown with metal plates of various natural iron tones.

Surface Texture: Weathered and Distressed, Saw Marks, Lots of Open Cracks and Knots Repaired with Old Iron Plates, Nail Holes and Variegated Patterns and Grain

Grade: Extra Rustic with Open Knots Unfilled

Dimensions:  The Cast Iron Mahogany Series comes in three different widths (small, medium, wide). Depending on what is available at the time of order, the widths could be in the following ranges: (small range - 5 1/2", 6 1/4"), (medium range - 7 1/8", 7 1/2") and (wide range - 8 5/8", 9 1/2")


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