Antique Spanish Barrel Mission Hand Made Terra Cotta Clay Roofing Tiles - SOLD

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In-Stock: Antique Spanish Barrel Mission Hand Made Clay Roofing Tiles
Stock: 6 Crates - 3311 pieces - SOLD

Provenance:  Catalonia Region Bordering France
FOB:  West Hatfield, MA 

Dimensions: 17" to 18" in length

Call for Highly Competitive Pricing 

The antique clay roofing tile we are bringing into stock is called the Barrel Mission Style.  These are salvaged antique clay roofing tiles from the Catalonia region of Spain, bordering France.  The high profile of these barrel antique clay tiles create distinctive shadows that change the look and feel of the roof as the sun moves in the sky - making a striking statement of texture.  The unique quality of our reclaimed clay roofing tiles is that it follows the French clay roof aesthetic where the roofing tiles are are longer and more tapered than traditional antique Spanish clay roofing tiles which are shorter.  The colors are also classically French, ranging from yellow and beige to blush versus the Spanish red and orange antique clay roofing tiles. 

Antique hand made clay roofing tiles are one of the most distinctive and historic roofing materials one can procure for a fine, custom home.  Reaching back to Antiquity, the Greeks and Romans roofed their buildings with clay tiles.  The unique visual qualities for a clay tile roof often make it a prominent feature in defining the overall character of a historic building or home.  Traditionally, clay tiles were formed by hand and fired in high temperature kilns.  These hard burned terra cotta clay tiles were nearly imperishable of the influences of decay, unlike natural stones that would crumble and metals that would oxidize or rust.  It so happens that terra cotta roofing tiles are often the only surviving relics of a prehistoric structure!  It makes sense that Historic Decorative Materials would offer such an authentic hand made building material.  So we are.