FAQ - Design Service, Shipping and ETA

Design Service

The internet can be frustrating for our type of business if making an appointment with us in our showroom cannot be achieved.  Samples of natural materials with inherent color variations and textures will never communicate the true product.  This is why we have implemented a design service where a client sends images of their goals, materials they may already have, a description of their project - and we, in turn, create design boards that hone in on what they are looking for.  This goes beyond samples.

Here is an example of a client who is building a farmhouse in Washington State.  She created a pinterest board that helped me focus on her likes.  The concepts are as follows:

Design Service

Design Service

As you can see from the number of choices and concepts - sending out 4" x 4" samples of each product could never allow for the color variation and texture comprehension as these communicative design boards.  This service helps tremendously because as an artist, designer and co-owner of Historic Decorative Materials - I deeply understand our products.  I can pretty quickly calculate the best materials for a project and which pairing goes best together.  Being a niche business - clients come to us for the depth of choices in the reclaimed and aged stone and wood flooring business.  We don't have any extraneous materials that take away from the perfection of our materials.  It ends up making design easier for there is nothing irrelevant to our product line.

If you are interested in our Design Service, click here to send us your message.

Our Philosophy

We are a niche business in the tile, wood and stone industry.  What this means is that we are mindful to stay pure in our authenticity of materials - we only work with France, Belgium and Italy for our wood and stone flooring and wall cladding.  Our showroom is unique in that it only holds within it's walls the most superb French and Belgian building materials these countries have to offer.  We will not water down our materials and bring in products that do not hold the provenance of these countries.  It is not an easy feat to be suppliers of these superb products.  It has taken much proving ground, building relationships and trust over the years, where our suppliers know we are worthy of representing them. As a client who chooses to work with us, there is a deep understanding that these materials are the real thing. It is easy to have a website on the internet and show images of a product to sell.  We go beyond this. Our showroom is our collateral that will back up all our products we choose to promote.  Our website is our vision.

Our Showroom

Did you know that most every product available on our site is an installation in our beautiful Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. showroom?  A destination site in the Pioneer Valley, Pavé's location is easily accessible flying or driving. Bradley International Airport is 50 minutes south from our location at 24 West Street, West Hatfield, MA 01088.  For those driving, Pavé is directly off Interstate 91.  We are 3 hours from NYC, 90 minutes from Boston, 45 minutes from Tanglewood and the Berkshires and 20 minutes from the famous Brimfield Antique Show.


A Word about Shipping

Historic Decorative Materials ships all orders from West Hatfield, MA. Import US Custom Duties and Transportation are already included in all the products pricing.

Shipping Historic Decorative Materials will fall into 3 categories: a UPS parcel shipment, an LTL freight shipment or a Truck Load shipment.  With the UPS and LTL shipments, the shipping rate is quoted in real time with Historic Decorative Materials highly competitive shipping quote rates.  For an order over a certain weight, a Truck Load shipment will need to be spot quoted.  In this case, the customer will be prompted to call Historic Decorative Materials to receive their spot quote for a truck load shipment and to complete their purchase over the phone.

A Word about ETA, Stocked Items and Pricing

Hand worked, aged, sourced and salvaged materials do take time. Specifying products in advance based on the ETA stated within each product is smart. We do have stocked material as well.  Pricing is transparent. François, born and raised in France, has close relationships with all our suppliers in Europe. Trust and quality of all our materials are paramount from us to you.