The Renaissance Archives - A Jeweled Majolica + Earthenware Terra Cotta Wall & Floor Tile Collection

14th Century Venice is the Voice to this Collection.  Leaving the Middle Ages behind, Venetians have entered a profound rebirth of art and culture.  Where contrasts collide between what life once was to the dawn of where life is arching.  Contrasts that awaken the senses are palpable - beauty takes center stage -  between Earth and Sea...along the Venetian Canals. 

From beloved Italia, we bring to you a collection that is all at once opaque and colorful - raw and reflective.  Earthenware terra cotta tiles, each tile is bespoke using the centuries old method of hand-molding and kiln-firing raw clay into hardened earth. This is a wall and floor tile collection where one is transported to that time where life was hard - but full of possibilities.

Full of possibilities are found in the majolica hand glazed wall tile - inspiration: water. Venice, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea where canals weave through the fabric of daily life  - this Majolica Wall Tile Collection is a poetic ode to the waters that cradle Venetians into slumber for centuries.

Proprietary glaze colors created by François Micallef, hand glazed and kiln-fired at the Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. facility

This is a hand made terra cotta tile collection that has surface textures, hand marks and pinholes.  This collection is about seeking the truth in Mother Nature - not to form her into a perfection that never represented her true life anyway.

Ti amiamo Madre Natura.

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