Classic Bruges Belgian Vintage Bluestone Flooring

$ 21.00

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Provenance: Belgium


Dimensions: 16" x 24" x 3/8" thick 

Bruges Belgian Vintage Bluestone is a Belgian bluestone with a vintage satin finish.  This finish is sublime.  One can see and feel the satin patina yet, this remarkable finish still retains an aged authenticity that radiates old world Belgium.  This is a Belgian bluestone that showcases it's 10,000 year old sea shells, sparkling when sunlight falls upon it.  The historic edge details are perfect - softened and slightly chiseled to allow the grout lines be deemed historic.  The saturated rich blue black of the Bruges Belgian Bluestone is the spot on Belgian color that one searches for.  This color is the blue black that harmonizes with oak.  Blue + Oak.  A Belgian interior design classic that makes for an old world European yet contemporary aesthetic.  I paired this beautiful Belgian bluestone floor with our Kings of France 18th Century French Oak Flooring, the Country House Collection in Harvest Wheat to show how spectacular Blue + Oak radiate off one another.  A contrast of dark + light - the tension of these two materials would make a showpiece for any interior.

Recommended Sealer after Installation:  Akemi Stain Repellent Nano Effect for French Limestone and Belgian Bluestone Flooring 

Cleaning and Maintenance:  Vacuum, then clean with Black Soap (Savon Noir) to disinfect, maintain, protect and enhance patina.